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sitdownstay's Journal

Companion Animal Lovers
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This is a community for people who have pets or animals and need help getting them to behave approriately. It is also a community to brag about your beloved furry or feathered or scaly friends. Feel free to post pictures, questions or anything else as long as you follow the rules below:

1) No swearing. (This includes using them as adjectives.) There are too many wonderful words in the English language to use obsceneties. I'm not going to delete your entry because you accidently slipped one in, but please, try to be respectful of other people and keep the language family-friendly!

2) No bashing/flaming other members. It's just not nice!

3) If you have a problem with someone or a post or a comment, think carefully, electronic posting is not the same as talking face to face and people may misunderstand the intent of a statement.

4) Please feel free to post pictures or videos of your pets. However, if you're posting an image larger than 500px wide or posting more than two images, please use a cut tag. (lj-cut) substitute <> for the () And, as always please be considerate, do not post images that are offensive or depict innapproriate or violent scenes.

5) People who are habitually rude, vulgar or offensive may be banned.

These rules are not to say people cannot disagree or debate, but pointless name-calling and being extremely agressive will not be welcomed. Members are entitled to opinions, but Please express them in a civilized manner.

If a post is considered rude or offensive, it may be deleted with out warning. This is a g-rated community, please, keep that in mind!

Please, post a little intro about yourself including what types/how many animals you own; any training experience you may have and anything else you would like to share. :)

If you have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please email Katalyce @ Gmail (minus the spaces) Subject line SitDownStay.