katalyce (kirin76) wrote in sitdownstay,

doggy biking

I took Max for a bike ride today. He did so much better than the last time a long time ago. Two major reasons I think contributed. I kept him on an even shorter leash this time (to prevent running in front of the bike) and I tried to teach him verbal commands for "slow," "left" and "right." He seemed to really get the hang of it. We only went for like 30 minutes and he was panting for a while after we got home, but I don't think he was really tired, because as soon as we got into the yard he ran around like mad for about 8 more minutes chasing his ball and stuff. I think partly that was because he didn't actually run while we were biking, he just trotted the whole time. Next time, now that I know he knows how to slow down and and turn, I might go faster and/or longer and get him to really run. Goodness knows he needs it. He has been kind of neurotic lately and chewing things which is a sign of boredom with him.
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