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Like herding cats

As of a couple of months ago, we have an unexpected addition to the family in the form of a stray kitten which planted itself on our porch, and then into my mom's heart. It was about 12 weeks old when it came to join us, by the vet's estimation and our own.

The problem is that we need advice on how to train a male kitten to bite toys and not hands/feet, stay out of rooms it's not supposed to be in, not chew on wires, etc. Don't get me wrong, it's not an ill-tempered cat. It can be very sweet. But it's an extremely self-willed cat that wants its way and is willing to sink its teeth into you to express it's displeasure. At other times, it's a playful kitten that just doesn't seem to comprehend that sinking in fangs or claws is not acceptable on human skin.

My cat-owning friends are mostly of the opinion that you cannot train a cat; you just learn to live with it. That's not an acceptable answer if the cat is going to continue to live in the same household with us. It has to learn to obey.

So, I'm looking for ideas. How do you train a cat to obey? How do you break its will without breaking its spirit or turning it mean? What do you use to punish a cat so that it understands it's done wrong? How do you turn a cat into a dog? ;)
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