tabascokat (tabascokat) wrote in sitdownstay,

Charity Dog Wash

Dr. Wheeler and Jennifer (Tech)

Dr. Wheeler, Bounds and Gottfried

Dr. Gottfried -who I think actually stayed on longer than anybody.

Dr. Bounds, who did quite well, as well, and stayed on almost as long as Dr. Gotfried

Kylee, a tech, who used her barefeeet to her advantage, lol

Amy, holding a Tiger Cub the Cat Sanctuary brought over

My dad with another cub

Me, with the same cub my dad had

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looks like fun! That is so cool you got to pet a tiger cub! I got to pet a cougar cub when i was like 10. It was so neat.
Yeah, they were all so fuzzy!
They were two week old twins, I believe they said.