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Just looking up some things and found a few interesting sites about dog welfare and laws regarding dog ownership and liability. Any thoughts?





Yes, I live in CT, so these links apply mostly to CT law. I was trying to find out the rules regarding keeping your dog outside without shelter. See my neighbor has a shit szu that stays outside most of the day. He says the dog likes it, but from what I can see there is no way for the dog to go inside even if it didn't and there is no shelter on the porch where it stays. He usually keeps it inside on days when it's pouring, but otherwise, everytime I look outside that dog is sitting on the porch with only a gas grill to sit under. I would just call animal control, but he's a nice guy and I honestly think he just doesn't understand why this is a bad idea. Plus, I'm a bad dog owner and I haven't gotten my dog liscensed in the 3 years I've owned him. Mainly because you have to do it on the second week of June or pay a huge late fee. And the one time I was going to do it that lady told me I had to have proof of insurance or something weird like that and I haven't been back to town hall since then.

Anyways, I think the wording on the laws is always interesting. I mean, how is "Resonable length of time" determined? And how knowledgable are you all when it comes to your local laws governing dog ownership?
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