katalyce (kirin76) wrote in sitdownstay,


Hi there. I figured I should introduce me and my family since I am trying to get this community going.

I have 2 human children and a husband and a lovely mutt name Maximus. Yeah real original. He's supposed to be a guard dog of sorts so we decided to give him a strong name. He is named after the main character of "Gladiator." Maximus is a almost 60lb, 3 year old mix we adopted at the age of 8 weeks from a local humane society. They said his mother was lab/boxer cross, but he looks more like rottweilier or German shepherd and they have no idea what his father was. I think he's actually got "some pitt" in there somewhere b/c his mother was confiscated from a drug house at the age 6 or 8 monthes and close to being due with puppies.

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