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hike with Max

I took my dog for a hike with my dad today. He got to run off-leash for about 10 minutes of the walk b/c the park was really busy. I felt so bad. He hasn't been out much this year so his manners were not that good. He was pretty jumpy. I want to take him walking more, but it is hard since he walk sooo much faster than my kids and it is too hard to push the stroller and manage a dog. He's so weird though because some people he would ignore and there were a few others (mostly older white men) who he was barking at. Which still doesn't make much sense b/c he didn't care about my dad. I think more than anything he just wanted to play, because his ears were up and his tail was wagging the whole time. More than one person was eyeing him like he was going to get loose or something. But he wasn't that bad, he didn't jump up or anything. At least no one made any "muzzle" comments today about the gentle leader.
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